What is counselling and psychotherapy?

Sometimes life can be painful and too much to bear. Feeling anxious, cut off, low or troubled can make life a real struggle and confronting those emotions just makes it even more difficult. This is when counselling and psychotherapy can help. You will be able to explore your feelings safely and without fear of judgement.

Often past experiences influence who we are now, so patterns emerge, through working together we can try to find more successful ways of managing the difficulties of life. I will aim to provide a safe enough environment to allow you the space to develop your own understanding and insight into your feelings and beliefs.  It will be an opportunity to explore  how you see yourself and how you think others see you.

Undertaking any kind of therapy needs to be a carefully considered decision, it can be challenging, and the emotional journey is often significant. It does therefore require a level of commitment from a client, which cannot be taken lightly. However, the rewards can be life changing.

When you get in contact with me via email or phone, we can arrange a mutually suitable time to meet. At that meeting we can discuss what you feel you need, the issues that are facing you and how you think I can help. This will be the time for you to see whether you are comfortable working with me and it is then we will work out a regular timetable for meeting.