Diversified practice

Due to my own career interest over many years, a significant part of my practice now involves working with adolescents. I work as a creative practitioner for various youth projects and this has allowed me to diversify my practice to a broader therapeutic practice in more diverse environments . As a result I have worked for young people’s charities, secondary and SEN schools throughout the UK and abroad.


Adult Psychodynamic CounsellingHouse in flowers

I offer open ended support within a general practice. My emphasis is to use a relational approach to offer an empathic insight into an individual’s distress, allowing them to cultivate a stronger sense of their emotional selves. Working with clients who describe having anxiety and depression in addition to working with individuals with more deep-seated personality issues.


School based CounsellingCreative workshop - Cambridge

I have offered therapeutic support to adolescents between the age of 15 and 18 since 2014, supporting students with a diverse range of concerns such as eating disorders, self-harm, obsessive/compulsive behaviour and the management of anger, anxiety and depression.


Counselling Young PeopleSpray painting - beginners

I have also offered short-term (12 week) counselling to clients from the age of 14 to 24 as part of a YMCA programme for young people. Looking at a similar range of client issues as with the school based work within a Youth Support Services setting.



Art Workshops and Experiential Creative ActivitiesSpray painted image

I have been involved in the research, planning, coordinating and delivering of art projects since 1999. Typically lasting anything between 2 and 12 hours and for student numbers ranging from 2 to 200 in both primary and secondary school settings, arts centres and youth groups. I have worked with a full range of social groups including hard to reach and socially excluded young people. Initially focusing on practical skills and participation using a range of materials, including sculpture, drawing, painting, particularly spray painting and street art, digital sound and video recording workshops I am much more interested in the therapeutic value of self expression and creative process.

house project photo       Pet stick!       Spray paint workshop       Experiential group workshop        Summer 11 - pt2 135