Creative Practice

Girton Glebe house project photos 015


My creative practice has allowed me to be involved in the research, planning, and delivery of art projects since 1999. These have included anything from 2 to 12 hours, with student numbers ranging from 2 to 200. I have worked with age groups between 8 and 18 years old,  and included hard to reach and socially excluded young people.

Focusing on practical skills and participation and using a range of materials such as sculpture, drawing, and often more specifically, digital sound and video recording, I have been able to develop this work to investigate the therapeutic value of self-expression and creative process.

Examples of the film and animation workshops are represented below:

In more recent years I have developed a keen interest in spray painting and street art. This has culminated in my own practice, creating murals for schools, charities and businesses around the East of England.

It has also allowed me to work with young individuals, helping them create their own language of self-expression, forming what one young participant neatly called “Gratherapy.”

Examples of pieces of work can be found on my dedicated street art website, with many more examples on my Instagram page. Please just follow the links.