street art

Abide (b. 1971) has been a community artist since the Nineties. Following a period where he spent more time organising than delivering creative workshops, he moved into youth work around 2010. Rekindling his creative practice and taking it into a new direction, he began working as a street artist, looking for mural commissions for himself and to share with some of the young people he worked with.

Now, as a professional counsellor, he mixes his own creative practice with workshops and projects for some of the more vulnerable young people in society. 

His own work now adorns walls all around Cambridgeshire and Suffolk, having completed independent commissions for both primary and secondary schools, doctor’s surgeries, gyms and tattoo studios.

Abide’s main interest is in nature and human-nature. He enjoys recreating images that will bring a smile to people’s faces or a light-hearted question to their day. The theme throughout his career has been to emotionally connect to others; to promote a feeling that human experience is a communal one.